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Your personal social selling strategy to attract new talent. Every day we expand the network with relevant profiles, we interact by showing interest, and we build your online authority by sharing relevant content.

In addition to the enormous time savings, the combination of these elements ensures a strong synergy. As a result, you are in daily contact with potential customers.

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Social hires

  • Personal recruitment strategy
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Expansion of personal network
  • Send a maximum of 20 connection requests per working day
  • Follow up new connections with 3 messages
  • Build authority by sharing relevant content
  • Boost social posts through automated like groups
  • Dashboard with live statistics
  • Personal growcoach
  • Monthly evaluation
  • Optional: generate followers for company page
  • Optional: integration with ATS system

Minimum 3 months

450,- p/m

Excluding one-off start-up costs

  • Daily contact
  • Filled pipeline
  • Huge network

The ultimate synergy

Expand network

We expand your network based on a very specific target group. Every month, we send 400 to 500 connection requests, so that you surround yourself with the right people.

A super relevant target group is the key to a successful campaign. To achieve this, we use premium tooling or input from LinkedIn groups, events or interaction on specific posts.


Phases to success

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    Start-up phase

    Week 1 & 2

    Within two weeks, the strategy will be determined, and we will set up the campaign.

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    A/B test phase

    Week 3 untill 6

    In the first month, two different approaches are tested with the aim of determining the best performing approach.

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    Optimization phase

    Week 7+

    Connection requests are sent daily, new connections are monitored, and we continuously optimize the campaign based on the available data and your experiences.

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The social performance dashboard provides insight into your campaigns. Per campaign, you see statistics such as: number of new connections, acceptance rate and the number of responses to your messages.


A recruitment campaign aimed at recruiting branch managers, department managers and team leaders for a Rotterdam based recruitment agency.

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  • Financial
  • Technology
Connection RequestsAccepted RequestsComments/LinkedIn conversationsIntroductory Conversations

“10 applicants and 1 new colleague within 2 weeks for Platform Control.”

View the case 'Platform Control'. Platform Control started at the beginning of our collaboration with their concept. They have since achieved considerable growth.

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growgo has been supporting us for some time in locating and approaching talent via LinkedIn. Thanks to the services provided by growgo, we are able to bind large groups of professionals to us in a relatively short period of time. The service is extremely efficient and ensures that we have more time for other activities.

Business Unit Manager

Aart Nieuwenbroek - Careermaker B.V.


growgo and I are in the same building. I then found out that their product works very well for recruitment support. After several successful tests, their product is now a standard part of our recruitment strategy. I use growgo to connect with hard-to-reach audiences, and even IT people accept my invitations!

Senior Recruiter

Miguel Hoekstra - Prometheus


We started our collaboration exactly one year ago. From the start, the contact was very pleasant and personal. Where we started small, we have now greatly expanded the collaboration. For example, we work together with different campaigns and also with different Business cells within TMC. Despite the fact that growgo and the campaigns have grown, the cooperation has not changed. This one is still very personal and professional. My experience with growgo has been very good, people listen very carefully, they contribute ideas and if an adjustment has to be made halfway through a campaign, this is arranged in no time with a call or an email.

Business Manager

Yannick van Weert - TMC

ATS integration

Integrate your recruitment system with our tooling. This way we ensure that new connections are forwarded directly to your system. Let us know which system you use so we can look at the possibilities.



Do you work from my personal LinkedIn profile?

That is indeed correct. We perform the actions from your personal LinkedIn profile, so that you can build a personal connection with your target group and work towards a business relationship.

Is it possible to work from the company page?
When do I take over the contact?
How is the target group defined?
On what do you base the content for the LinkedIn posts?
How often is content posted?
What are the automated like groups?
Do you also conduct campaigns aimed at abroad?
Do you also take actions within my current network?
How are the start-up costs determined?
Do I need a LinkedIn Recruiter Seat?
Why do you use a minimum period of 3 months?

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